Using the Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion is a touch-less USB controller that reads your hands and fingers in the air! Are you thinking Minority Report? Yeah! Well, not quite. ;-) For now, this integration functions only as a jog/shuttle controller for Shotcut. There is much research to be done to have effective and accurate controls for editing. Jog and shuttle is a casual enough activity to make this fun and exciting to use nonetheless.


You must enable Allow Web Apps in the Leap Motion Control Panel to use Leap Motion with Shotcut.


The horizontal position of your open hand acts as a variable-speed playback control. When your hand is left of center, it plays in reverse, and when it is right of center, it plays forward. The further away from the center, the faster the playback speed. Close your hand into a fist to instantly stop or pause playback.


To jog means to step forwards or backwards frame-by-frame. With your hand closed but one finger out and pointing, make small circles to step by one frame and large circles to step second. A clockwise gesture steps forward, and counter-clockwise steps backwards in time.


NOTE: Since the video was made, the role of open and closed hand have been reversed. Now, you close your hand to stop and you open your hand to enable the controller. This makes usage more similar to the conventions of other Leap Motion-enabled apps.


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