New Release 18.08.11

Aug 11, 2018

Version 18.08.11 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

There have been enough major bugs found and fixed since the v18.08.01 release at the beginning of the month to warrant making a new release:

  • Fixed new crash in v18.08 changing Settings > Video Mode with nothing opened.
  • Fixed crash while adjusting position or size in Text and Size and Position filters.
  • Fixed position and size information incorrect if resolution or aspect ratio changed in Export.
  • Fixed Text animation (keyframes) when not the first clip in the timeline.
  • Fixed track name not editable after the track head had been selected at least once.
  • Fixed right-clicking a timeline clip breaks automatic timeline scrolling during playback.
  • Added Quicktime Animation Export preset to export video with alpha channel.
  • In Export, let option values in Other tab override values generated by other fields.

New Release 18.08.01

Aug 1, 2018

Version 18.08.01 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

This release primarily contains only bug fixes, which were strongly needed after a few releases with major additions and changes:

  • Added the timecode of failure to the Jobs panel when an export job fails (makes locating problem areas in the project easier).
  • Added an Unpremultiply Alpha video filter (handy to fix compositing for video clips with an alpha channel that has had its color pre-multiplied with its alpha).
  • Fixed various crash regressions since v18.05.
  • Fixed audio distortion during preview (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed custom Export presets broken if name contains parentheses (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed Properties > Reverse… broken if numeric region setting uses comma for decimal (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed Overlay HTML editor easily destroys default scripts (introduced in v18.07) if WebVfx JavaScript extension enabled.
  • Fixed custom interlaced Export presets loading as progressive (regression in v18.07)
  • Fixed Timeline > Copy Timeline to Source > Export fails on unsaved (Untitled) project.
  • Fixed Text filter has aliased edges (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed Stabilize video filter not available on Linux (regression since v18.06).
  • Fixed changing Speed in Properties breaks all filters on that clip (regression since v18.05).
  • Fixed Fade Out Video (and keyframes in general) broken on still images whose in point is > 0 (regression since v18.03).
  • Fixed accuracy of Properties > Duration for image clip on the timeline.
  • Some fixes for changing Settings > Video Mode after starting a project.
  • Fixed compositing of upper video tracks becomes broken if bottom video track is deleted.
  • Fixed images with alpha channel (e.g. PNG) on upper video tracks have dark edges after compositing if the Size and Position or Rotate and Scale filters are not used.

New Release 18.07

Jul 2, 2018

Version 18.07 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Here are the main fixes and enhancements in this new version:

  • Numerous fixes as usual.
  • Changed shortcut for Add Video Track to Ctrl+I (Cmd+I on macOS).
  • Changed shortcut for Redo to Ctrl+Y on Windows.
  • Added 10% to the player zoom menu.
  • Hide the VUI (video user interface) when the play head is not over the clip with the current filter.
  • Renamed the Rotate filter to Rotate and Scale.
  • Keyframes are now saved in the project file using time clock values instead of frame numbers to make them adaptive to frame rate.
  • Reverted memory manager change from v18.05 pending further testing to improve stability.
  • Added advanced keyframes to the Size and Position filter.
  • Added simple and advanced keyframes to the following video filters:
    • Rotate and Scale
    • Text
    • Glow*
    • Contrast*
    • Sharpen*
    • Vignette*
      * = including the (still experimental) GPU filter
  • Added Copy Timeline to Source to Timeline menu.
  • Changed the audio codec to AC-3 for the edit-friendly and reverse MP4 file format.
  • Changed J and K key behavior to change speed up or down before changing direction.
  • Added categories to the Export presets (custom presets can start their name with “category)” to use a category).
  • Added View > Layout menu for custom and stock layouts:
    • Timeline Project
    • Playlist Project
    • Clip-only Project
    • Player
  • Changed the default, first-time user UI layout to Timeline Project.
  • Changed Properties > menu > Reverse… to work on a trimmed clip from either Source or Timeline.
  • Added Properties menu items to the context menus for Timeline and timeline clips.
  • Added logic to sort GoPro files when multiple files are opened or dropped.
  • Added support for setting project file name (using File > Save) for empty project.
  • Added new HTML template for WebVfx JavaScript extensions enabled in Overlay HTML video filter.
  • Added search field to the filter chooser in Filters.
  • Upgraded MLT to v6.10.0

Below is a screenshot showing the new View > Layout menu.

Screenshot of the new View > Layout menu

New Version 18.06: Reverse, Detach, and Double-click

Jun 1, 2018

UPDATE: Version 18.06 has been re-released (build 18.06.02) to fix a new crash bug that was discovered.

Version 18.06 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

Not only did the previous version (18.05) introduce major features and changes but also many new bugs. Let’s just call that release a “technology preview.” We paid a lot of attention to the feedback and fixed most of the problems for this version. But that’s not all! Take a look at this:

  • Added Reverse to clip Properties menu.
  • Added Detach Audio to timeline clip’s context menu.
  • Added simple and advanced Keyframes to the Blur, Mask, and Saturation filters.
  • Added seek buttons for simple Keyframes.
  • Added ability to add and remove advanced Keyframes using double-click.
  • Added ability to drag advanced Keyframes to adjust both value and position.
    (When dragging, hold down Ctrl key to adjust only value or Alt key to adjust only position.)
  • Added double-click to toggle simple Keyframes controls (circles).
  • Added double-click to toggle fade in/out controls on Timeline clip.
  • Added many animated (keyframes) presets to the Size and Position filter.
  • Added Hue/Lightness/Saturation video filter.
  • Added 5.1 surround support to the Copy Channel and Swap Channels audio filters.
  • Added caution message to GPU Effects confirmation dialog.
  • Added a Keyboard Shortcuts link to the Help menu.
  • Changed presets file format to YAML.
  • Changed Settings > GPU Processing to GPU Effects.
  • Reduced memory usage on 32-bit builds (by constraining multi-threading).
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to v4.0.
  • Integrated AMD AMF hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVC encoders on Windows (Set Export > Codec to h264_amf or hevc_amf. Requires recent Radeon or AMD APU.)
  • Upgraded MLT to git master (v6.8.0 minimum required to build).

Screenshot of new presets for Size and Position filter

New Version 18.05 Adds Keyframes!

May 3, 2018

UPDATE: Version 18.05 has been re-released (build 18.05.08) to fix a new crash bug on Windows and various issues with fade in / out following the new keyframes feature.

Version 18.05 is now available for DOWNLOAD!


Perhaps the most requested feature is the ability to move or smooth pan-and-zoom images or digital photos. We chose to address that in a more general manner by allowing filter parameters to be key-framed and animated rather than build something specific. Well, after long wait and much work, this has been introduced with a new Keyframes panel. It has an icon on the main toolbar to open the panel. There is much to say about this new feature and be sure to watch the videos as they become available. Keep in mind that this is new, incomplete, and a little unstable. Here are more caveats:

  • No support for undo/redo (pending filter support for this)
  • No keyboard shortcuts yet
  • Not yet available for transitions or generators
  • Only the following filters support keyframes at this time:
    • Gain / Volume
    • Brightness*
    • Circular Frame (HTML proof-of-concept)
    • Color Grading* (no simple)
    • Opacity*
    • Size and Position* (simple only, no curve UI)

      * = including the (still experimental) GPU filter

  • Nearly every filter supports filter trimming (handles on the ends of the clip strip).
  • Some filters only support simple keyframes (in/out controls on the clip strip).

Screenshot of filter trimming and simple keyframes

  • Some filters only support advanced keyframes (rows below the clip strip).

Screenshot of advanced keyframes

  • Simple and advanced keyframes cannot be used at the same time on a particular instance of a filter.
  • The keyframes cannot be dragged to new positions.
  • You cannot add a keyframe by double-clicking somewhere on its curve.
  • Not all parameters have a curve UI.
  • You can right-click an advanced keyframe to show a menu with:
    • Remove
    • Keyframe Type (interpolation):
      • Discrete (hold)
      • Linear
      • Smooth (Catmull-Rom spline)

Keyframes Tutorial Video

5.1 Surround Sound

Perhaps the least requested feature - but something that interests AV geeks (including the developers) - is support for different audio channel formats: mono (1) and 5.1 surround (6) in addition to the stereo that was always there. This is accessed via the Settings > Audio Channels menu and Export > Audio > Channels. Most users only need stereo; so, if you suddenly start to experience problems make sure that you did not leave this menu set to something other than stereo, which is the most stable. Also, this setting is saved into your project file (MLT XML), and the menu reflects the saved setting. However, it should revert back to the last setting you explicitly chose after starting a new project. This new feature also has notes and caveats:

  • View > Scopes > Audio Peak Meter and Audio Waveform shows each channel and their layout/order.

    Screenshot of surround peak meter

  • The Timeline audio waveforms does not show a waveform of each channel. (Really this is just a graph of the audio power level across multiple channels.)
  • No automatic mode that chooses the channel count from your first clip.
  • No support in the Balance, Copy Channel, and Pan audio filters (yet).
  • Some audio filters may crash with 6 channels!
  • Not all export formats and audio codecs support surround. AAC and AC-3 are two that come to mind that do.
  • Not every possible channel count and layout are supported (e.g. not 7.1).
  • Alternative 6 channel layouts require a FFmpeg “channel_layout” to specified in Export > Other and is not reflected in the audio scopes.


  • Added Finnish translation.
  • Restored GIF Animation for Export.
  • Reduced memory footprint (especially for the Rotate and Size and Position filters).
  • Changed default Export settings to reduce output size by increasing GOP and number of B frames.



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